Sunday, June 19, 2011

Reading Frenzy

Okay, so I am back to my usual speed of reading books now that a new Kate Daniels, Cassandra Palmer, and Anita Blake are out. Now, I love Kate Daniels as a series, and Curren is absolutely the most beautiful man (you know, other than Lampent in Amy Lane's series or Sydney Carton), but does it feel like they just create more problems for themselves? Okay, that's not fair, it's outside sources, but it's like the hits keep coming. I've come to expect it from Anita Blake, but I was hoping that this series would start to round itself out. Who knows? It might still, but I feel like Kate keeps putting herself through the ringer, and that maybe she'd be better off not knowing the truth all the time.

This last Cassandra Palmer was amazing as always (not that Kate wasn't). But there seems to be a mother theme going on here, as both heroines find out the truth about their lost parent. Of course Kate's ends ip being a manipulative and selfish witch (literally), and Cassandra's mother ends up getting her dead name cleared due to the fact that she's this ultra-cool incarnation of Artemis (Yes, the goddess). Let's see, who's story would I rather have? It's really a toss up with Curren thrown into the mix. Although, that's another thing I have a problem with: Curren didn't grow in the last book, and in fact the characters seemed to be at a standstill, other than Kate. Cassandra Palmers latest book allowed us to see growth in the main heroine, her guardian half demon, the mages, and Cassie's vampire. The book was more focused around story and relationship, rather than just story like the newest Kate Daniels title that had unbalanced relationships and a great story.

I haven't yet read HIt List because it has been too long since I read through the other 19 Anita's, but I'm on 11 and counting. Well get there eventually. But I hear good things.

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