Saturday, June 11, 2011

Coming to peace with science

You know that point in the crime solving show where the ultra anal scientist who does not believe in any form of mythology, but values human life says, "It's just a body"? This doesn't make sense. Either the scientist was right and everything that makes a human beautiful is in their DNA and physical body, or we are just a vessel for spirits as people completely immersed in the mystical will tell you. Perhaps there is a third option though. A melding of science and mythology if you will. Perhaps we have a spark of life due to billions of years of evolution that is a miraculous process of creation, and that our DNA, our particular patterns, our existence, although based in the beautiful world of science, is the result of some form of fate. Perhaps this fate is a god or a goddess, or who knows what. But maybe the most amazing thing about humans is our connection to the divine and nature who both have their own set of "magical" properties.

There was a book I read for a class a few years back called Coming to Peace with Science, and it not only changed my life, but examined further how beautiful science is hen combined with the possibility of fate. I loved it! Check it out!

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