Monday, June 6, 2011

Ghost Shows

I have a love-hate relationship with ghost entertainment since I saw The Sixth Sense and thought, "This would be way cool if they didn't actually look dead, or if you didn't look like a schizophrenic talking to air." What can I say? I have a Peter Pan Complex, and I have a need to save anyone or anything that I can. Needless to say that I like to watch shows, movies, and reality TV that have to do with Ghosts. Ghost Whisperer has been one of my favorites: not too scary, good actors, nice plots, good resolutions and creative thinking. However, sometimes it was unbelievable. I mean most people we walk up to would not believe the, "I have a gift. I see your dead Aunt" line. But for some reason, everyone always eventually believes. I will end my pessimism over this show with a movie-goers favorite quote: "It's in the script."

Ghost Hunters has been another favorite of mine. They are scientific, have reasoning skills, don't overreact or freak out, and are everyday people who enjoy the work. The one issue I have with the show is their lack of resolve. Exorcism, Wiccan home rights, Hindu cleansings, and so on play no part in their practice, and not all spirits are positive. 

That being said, my problem with Paranormal State is that they're always jumping to the conclusion that it is an evil presence and that prayer will solve everything. To be honest, the reason that a particular ghost may not like you reading from the bible is that you are acting just like the Christians they knew in life. They need help and you are reading them their biblical "rights" to get them thrown out of the house of someone who could help them. I have not watched an episode of this since the first few.

I have just four words for the show Ghost Adventures: Superficial, overemotional biker gang.
And to add to this discussion, I feel we cannot go forward without at least a head nod to Supernatural, who takes demon hunting and ghosts to even great crazy heights and helps us to realize how not terrible at all our lives truly are. I mean we could be hanging out with totally gorgeous men who can kick ass and meet angels, but hey... wait... that actually sounds like my nightly dreams. You know, except for that whole, "Let's kill them off like a really bad soap opera every other week."
I could go on for a long time, but I will end with just these five.  However, here is a bit of a philosophical side note, of little importance, but I have issues not adding my two cents. Is the industry of supernatural studies going to stay in a junior high Christian girls slumber party state of mind, or are we going to grow up, meld supernatural, paranormal and science and realize that ghosts are good and bad, that energy is neither created nor destroyed and so an entity may just be left over energy and not a ghost, and that what emotions we bring to that entity is what they emit. These entities, energies, spirits, etc. use our energy to communicate. If we are afraid, they will use fear, if we think they are evil they will be evil, if we show love they will be loving, and so on. Think about the emotion you are letting off, and think about the spirit or entity you feel, and draw the obvious comparison.


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